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Oxford University Press issues updated textbook on geography highlighting that Crimea is Ukraine

01 March, 12:10

Following a surge of public criticism and in response to the Embassy’s request, Oxford University Press publishing house has corrected mistakes made in the geography textbook Geog.3 for children, which depicted Crimea as a Russian territory.

The new updated Geog.3 textbook has been on sale since February 29. It points out that under international law Crimea is part of Ukraine. The textbook says that the United Nations does not accept that Crimea is a Russian territory and that the countries including the UK condemned the vote held on the peninsula in 2014 as illegal.

The OUP website notifies that the textbook has been updated and all those who have the previously published erroneous version of the textbook can now exchange it for a new one free of charge.


Mistakes corrected in the Geog.3 by Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press issues updated textbook on geography

 Oxford University Press issues updated textbook on geography

Oxford University Press issues updated textbook on geography

Oxford University Press issues updated textbook on geography



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