Book of Condolences for civilians brutally killed by Russia-backed terrorists
14 January 2015 00:05

On January 13, using a Grad rocket, Russia-backed terrorists of the so called DNR shelled a Ukrainian checkpoint near the town of Volnovakha in the Donetsk region, once again brutally violating the cease-fire agreements. The terrorists stuck a passenger bus driving nearby. 13 civilians have been killed and 16 wounded.

Ukraine urged the international community to unite with Ukraine in the fight against terrorism, and proclaimed January 15 a National Day of Mourning.

In connection with the tragic murder of civilians resulting from an act of terror near the town of Volnovakha, the Ukrainian Embassy in London has opened a Book of Condolences.

We invite you to express your condolences signing the on-line version of the book below.

1/16/2015 11:48:49

Our thoughts and prayers are with the loved ones of the civilians who died in the terrorist attack in Volnovakha. We will also never forget all those heroes who have died protecting the freedom and sovereignty of Ukraine. Eternal memory! Вічна Пам'ять! Слава Україні!

Iryna Terlecky, London

1/16/2015 11:55:39

Words cannot express my sadness, sorry for your loss

Andy Cole, EuromaidanPress, Newport UK

1/16/2015 12:06:19

May you rest in peace...
The one responsabel for this will one day pay,

Maja, Amsterdam

1/16/2015 12:06:43

May the innocent dead of Ukraine be with God.

May Russia pay for their deaths.

May God protect Ukraine.

Andrew Webb, Tbilisi

1/16/2015 12:07:32

Ich möchte meine tief empfundene Anteilnahme für alle ausdrücken, die in diesem Krieg ihre Liebsten verloren haben. Es ist schockierend, wie skrupellos die von Russland unterstützen oder aus Russland eingeschleusten Agressoren ihren blutigen, kriminellen Krieg weiter führen. Der Ukraine wünsche ich eine Zukunft in Frieden und Rechtsstaatlichkeit.

Christiane Seiler, Berlin

1/16/2015 12:14:11

Rest In Peace

Ronny Pedersen, Oslo

1/16/2015 12:24:10

My condolance for Your tragic loss. Russian terrorism is as brutal and meaningless as any!

Paal Christian Bruseth, Roervik

1/16/2015 12:32:11

Хай з Богом спочевають ці невинні душі. May these innocent souls rest in peace with God.

Lydia Mamtschak, Sydney, Australia

1/16/2015 12:36:24

Вічна пам'ять загиблим! Наші молитви з сім'ями, родичами й друзями невинних жертв... Our prayers are with the families and friends of the innocent victims. Rest in peace!

Tanya Klymenko, London

1/16/2015 12:52:01

Вічная Пам'ять!

Slawka Kysil, Shipley

1/16/2015 13:01:03

Each day I feel more sad with this war

David Laver, Harefield

1/16/2015 13:10:50

My mother Elena Sawoskina was born in Dnepropetrosk,Ukraine,where she studied Medicine during the WW11 which makes me so sensitive to the sufferings and injustices imposed on the generous Ukrainian people.AMZINAI ATILSI!

Vitas Kiausas, Porto Velho

1/16/2015 13:13:19

My deepest sympathies to the families and friends of those killed in Volnovakha and to all good peoples of Ukraine who are enduring suffering in these difficult times.
Вічная Пам'ять !

Lev Pidwerbesky, Toronto

1/16/2015 13:18:49

Deepest sympathy

Susan, London

1/16/2015 14:01:17

May you rest in peace! my deepest compassion to all members!

Thomas Naumann, Dessau-Roßlau

1/16/2015 14:04:11

With deepest sympathy to the families of those civilians who lost their lives and were injured in the Volnovakha terrorist atrocity. Our hearts are with you in these times of great sorrow. In sharing your grief we also remember all the brave heroes that have lost their lives for Ukraine’s freedom. Вічна Пам'ять!
We rekindle our hope, prayers and strength to rid our beautiful Ykpaina from this ruthless enemy.
Честь Україні. Готов Боронити!

Maria Stashko, London

 1/16/2015 14:16:20

I send my sincerest condolences to the families who have lost loved ones in the brutal Volnovakha terrorist attack. We stand with you, and all the families of heroes, who lost their lives supporting an independent sovereign Ukraine. I salute you.

Antoni Adamaszek, London

1/16/2015 14:22:21

Вічна пам"ять!
Щирі співчуття рідним.

Михайло і.П. Четербок, Торонто

1/16/2015 14:23:18

Rest in Peace...
"Je Suis Volnovakha"
I'm Korean and stand with Ukraine!
ruSSian terrorists, get out of Ukraine!!
putin, hands off Ukraine!!!
Слава Україні! Героям Слава!!

Jeonghee Choi, Seoul, Republic of Korea

1/16/2015 14:30:20

Again another illegal terrorist act destroys innocent lives, it sickens me that the USA and the West are doing very little to aid Ukraine in these disgusting acts of terror by ruSSia. My thoughts and prayers are with the innocent victims and the families. :'(

Terry Brown, Swansea

1/16/2015 14:58:49

I am shocked by the ongoing terrorism in Ukraine and the lame reaction of the West. My sincere compassion.

Marc Lindt, Zurich

1/16/2015 14:58:57

My heart and prayers are with you, in this terrible and time of loss. With great love and respect, May God bless you and keep you.

Lukia Costello, Buffalo, NY

1/16/2015 14:59:09

Sorry that we haven't done enough to stop Russia. Unfortunately not enough people in the UK will care until we have war on our doorstep.

Sarah Hurst, Reading

1/16/2015 15:06:21

My condolences to all people killed by the aggressiv acts of russian terrorism. May this useless killing stop very soon and Ukraine prosper and be a member of the EU and NATO.

Heiko Bertram, Colombo

1/16/2015 15:24:49

My deepest Condolences to every person and there family affected by this Tragedy. Russia must cease its invasion of Eastern Ukraine-Always in my thoughts. The people of Ukraine, Land of my Farther ,my Family.

peter Bakulinskyj, Cambridge

1/16/2015 15:31:36

I am so sorry - and of course feel guilty as a member of European Community - it seems terrible mistake of Ukraine to have been confident in European words...

Patrick Erard, Gap

1/16/2015 15:44:57

My heart goes out to the families of the dead and wounded who are the victims of Russian backed atrocities that continue to be carried out in Ukraine. I hope they receive justice and that their perpetrators finally fail in their despicable attempts to divide and control a sovereign country.
God Bless!

Natalka Cannon, Blackburn

1/16/2015 15:51:07

Truly awful news. My thoughts and prayers are always with Ukraine.

Jonathan Hibberd, Warsaw

1/16/2015 16:02:04

Найщиріші співчуття. Розділяємо, як можемо втрату.

Саша, Київ

1/16/2015 16:06:48

These victims were doing their best to live their normal lives and they were indiscriminately attacked by the pro Russian militants using this gross weapon of mass destruction.

Europe stands with you in the hope that peace and stability will be restored in Ukraine and these evil forces will be conquered.

Patrick Murray, Brussels Belgium

1/16/2015 16:10:03

Tears and prayers for all Killed and their families, not just this time, but over the last year.

Patricia Joy, Chilren's Joy, Brovary

1/16/2015 16:18:33

Висловлюємо глибокі співчуття загиблим
і родинам загиблим. + Вічна Їм Пам'ять.
Слава Україні. Героям Слава.
Родина Фрейзер і Родина Шепетик
Deepest condolences to the families of the civilians who died in the terrorist attack at Volnovakha.+Eternal Memory to those who died.
Eternal Memory to those protecting freedom and sovereignty of Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine. Glory to the Heroes.

Family Fraser and Family Szepetyk, Oshawa/Ошава

1/16/2015 16:21:40

So sorry for the families and friends for those people whose lives were taken by the Russian terrorists.

Peter Kuhn, Kiev

 1/16/2015 16:31:08

My deepest sympathies to the victims of Russian backed aggression and their families in Volnovakha. May they receive justice.
My heart goes out to the people of Ukraine. May they succeed in their stance against Russian aggression and may Ukraine live in peace and prosperity.
I pray that Russia comes to its senses and stops its lies and its despicable and bloody attempts to control a sovereign country. Russia fools no one!

Natalka Cannon, Blackburn, England

1/16/2015 16:46:31

Ukraine is the country of my heart. Ukraine rests on her w'ful people. Slava Ukraini!

Olle, Sweden

1/16/2015 16:56:16

I shall always hold KGB Nazi RAS-Putin responsible for each and every death in Ukraine for the past 12 months and particularly for fomenting and directly causing an unnecessary civil war where Ukraine has no other choice but to fight or to stay Mafia Russia's slaves.

May the friends and families and the rest of the country heal from the violence Russian Mafia leader RAS-Putin has brought to them.

May all Russia's victims Rest In Peace.

Lawrence A. Oshanek, Alberta Human Rights, Calgary, Canada

1/16/2015 18:30:09

Those who murder you, someday will pay.

Luis, Alicante

1/16/2015 20:01:31

Tragedy. Thoughts are with bereaved.

christine kohut, lincoln

1/16/2015 20:02:35

Deepest condolences to the peaceful people of Ukraine on the deaths of your men, women, and children at the hands of evil aggressors. Freedom is a gift and you deserve it, as we all do. May God be with you always in your struggle for lasting freedom.

Robert Stephenson-Padron, London

1/16/2015 20:45:29

Yet again the aggressors pray on the innocent people because they are the easy targets. My heart felt condolences to all the relatives and friends of the dead and injured. - Long Live Ukraine

Iwan Rewko, Coventry

1/16/2015 21:21:47

Blessed are those who mourn: for they will be comforted. (Matthew 5:4)

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they will be called children of God. (Matthew 5:9)

Lindsay Bright-Mync, Stanthorpe, Australia

1/16/2015 22:12:38

In memory of those who lost their lives due to the machinations of a lunatic. Sympathies to their loved ones and families.

Doug Williams, East London, South Africa

1/16/2015 22:35:21

Eternal memory. Rest in peace.

Ludmilla, USA

1/17/2015 0:51:41

I was really shocked to learn that innocent civilians have been murdered by a coward attack by Pro-Russians separatists. I have followed on a daily basis the events in Ukraine for the last year and a half, and realized how tough and determined your people are.
I compare your struggle to the American War of Independence and to the Wars that South American countries fought during the nineteenth century. Believe me, every sacrifice is worth to gain FREEDOM.
We pray for the people in Ukraine and for the brave fighters on the front. Free nations support the Ukrainian Cause and its people; you are not alone.
Requiem in pace (rest in peace), innocent victims of this War.
Slava Ukraini

Lurr Culler, Silva & Culler, LLC, Buenos Aires-Argentina

1/17/2015 6:37:12

Вічная пам'ять! May they rest in peace ... and may it elude their murderers for eternity. Condolences to the families and friends on their terrible loss. So very sad.

Paulette MacQuarrie, Nash Holos Ukrainian Rotos Radio, Nanaimo

1/17/2015 9:39:09

Please accept my condolences for brutally killed innocent people. My heart goes to their families and friends as well as all Ukrainians facing this tragedy; unfortunately one of many in the current war.
I trust Ukraine will win and be strong and prosperous.

L Swain, Liverpool

1/17/2015 10:52:43

Каханне і надзеі на свет у бліжэйшы час. Усе мы хочам, Злучаныя Украіны - з Крымам - у 2015 годзе, я спадзяюся. Слава Украіне! Слава героям! Слава кібаргаў! Нарвегія падтрымлівае вас!

Siri Bjoner, Kroer

1/17/2015 12:50:25

Я розумію, що мої слова наврядче зможуть допомогти, але я приміть мої співчуття. 

Ярослав, Київ

1/17/2015 14:19:58

As a Danish, who frequently visited Ukraine during the 1990ties I am shocked and appalled over the Russian aggression in the 21st century.
I feel, cry and pray for all the lives lost in this senseless war.
God Bless Ukraine.

Anders NIELSEN, Dakar Senegal

1/17/2015 14:34:38 

Прошу прийміть мої найщиріші співчуття. Дуже тяжко думати як ви, родини Захиблих це переходите. Молюся За Вас і Ваші Родині. Вічна Пам'ять! Ми ніколи не забудем!

Маруся Сташинська, St. Catharines

1/17/2015 17:55:05

My heartfelt sympathy to the families.
Slava Ukraini!

Rene Huber, Foreign Ministry, Bern

1/17/2015 20:12:37

My Condolence!!!! Ukraine, never give up, you are on the right way!!!!

Jesper Saermark, Laholm, Sweden

1/17/2015 21:19:19

RIP. Народ Молдовы соболезнует и скорбит вместе с вами. Слава Украине!

Ruslan Subin, Chisinau

1/17/2015 21:40:06

My thoughts go to those that are suffering from the loss of loved ones and friends in that attack by people that rather believe lies than listen to the truth about the corruption and the politicians they voted in to the Rada.
Their deaths will not be easily forgotten in the pages of Ukraine's history.
May their spirits be blessed with love and peace for eternity.

Мої думки звернені до тих, які страждають від втрати близьких і друзів в цій атаці людей, які, швидше вірити брехні, ніж слухати правду про корупцію і політиків вони проголосували в Раду.
Їх смерть не буде легко забути на сторінках історії України.
Нехай їх духи будуть благословенні любов'ю і миром навіки.

Davy, Kremenchyk / Кременчук

1/18/2015 13:56:20

The renowned translator, poet and supporter of Ukrainian culture my friend Vera Rich is no longer with us to express her condolences. She would if course be doing so. On behalf of Vera and myself having had a twenty year association with Ukraine through my work, I hereby express my deepest condolences to all those affected by these acts of aggression. Героям Слава. May they rest in peace.

Alison Cameron, Alison Cameron Consulting, London

1/18/2015 14:30:22

Eternal memory to those who were killed and prayers for the wounded and their families. May peace come soon!

Anna Maria, Hayes, Middlesex, UK

1/18/2015 14:31:58

Our thought and prayers are with the families and friends of the innocent victims. Rest in peace!

Nadiya Tokarska, Tokarska Gallery, London

1/19/2015 14:59:50

Condoleante familiilor si intregii doresc pace in tara,unitate si solidaritate nationala. Si putere pentru a opri macelul din Ucraina cat mai curand posibil

Ala, Chisinau

1/20/2015 18:53:51

Мої молитви з родинами невинних жертв Вольновахи! Нехай земля буде Їм пухом, а память Їх жертви вічною!

Iryna Marciuk, London


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