Embassy of Ukraine to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Kyiv 07:06

Comment of the Embassy of Ukraine regarding the UK national Gary Hunt’s participation in the so-called Cliff Diving Competition (August, 2017) in the temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation territory of Crimea

28 August 2017, 19:59

As we found out from media UK national Gary Hunt took part in the so-called Cliff Diving Competition (August, 2017) which took part in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea that has been illegally annexed by the Russian Federation.

The Embassy is satisfied that the Ambassador’s strong advice for UK subjects to refrain from illegally visiting the occupied Crimea has been generally followed. At the same time the Embassy is disappointed that some of the UK nationals have neglected the official position of not only Ukraine but their own state which states as follows:  

«It’s illegal under Ukrainian law to enter internationally recognised Ukrainian territory through a border point that isn’t currently controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. If you do so, you risk arrest or a fine, and you may be subject to a travel ban. International border points that aren’t currently under the control of the Ukrainian authorities include all air and sea ports in Crimea. To enter or exit Crimea, foreign nationals will need to provide their passport and a special permit issued by the State Migration Service of Ukraine (more details at FCO official web-site: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/ukraine).

The Embassy once again calls on all UK nationals and institutions to refrain from illegally visiting the occupied Crimea without official consent of Ukraine.