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Comment of the Embassy of Ukraine regarding the Sky News publication “'Corruption hub' Ukraine could offer terror route to Europe for Russian IS fighters»

30 серпня 2017, 18:54

Sky News has published an article by its Moscow-based correspondent referring to some obscure “observers, community activists and analysts” who claim that Ukraine is a “hub” for ex-jihadists.


The author even went as far as complementing the article with a catchy yet dubious title which blames Ukraine for allegedly becoming a terror route to the European Union for Russian IS fighters.


Had this allegation been published in a tabloid, we could easily have overlooked it. However, the renowned Sky News would have been expected to base its finger-pointing on more solid support than testimony by just one journalistic source, no matter how good it might be.


So, what is Ukraine being blamed for? That there could be ex-jihadists in the territory of Ukraine? Many European countries, including the United Kingdom, have unfortunately been struggling to fight radicals on their own home ground. Does this mean that each European country qualifies as a “hub” for terror routes? Of course, not. Facts matter. Facts which are based on reliable, cross-referenced information. 


It is noteworthy that NYT recently ran an article falsely claiming that Ukraine had transferred rocket engines to North Korea. The article was similarly based on a comment from just one expert, who actually later denied the allegations.


So, here is our simple advice: the truth lies at the crossroads of pluralistic thoughts.