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You must respect the rules when you enter the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine

28 квітня 2017, 20:46

For those UK nationals and other foreigners who intend to attend the Russia-instigated pseudo international events on the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, in particular so called “Forum of Communist Forces of Europe” (May 3, occupied city of Donetsk), the Embassy would like to remind the following.

According to the legislation of Ukraine (Temporary procedures for control over movements of individuals, vehicles and goods along the contact line in Donetsk and Luhansk regions), entry to the uncontrolled territory and exit from it by citizens of Ukraine and foreigners (stateless persons) shall be permitted on presentation of identifications documents and the valid permit issued by specially created Coordination Groups in a range of cities of Luhansk and Donetsk regions which are under Ukrainian control.

Thus, it’s illegal under Ukrainian law to enter internationally recognized Ukrainian territory through a border point that isn’t currently controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. If
The Embassy of Ukraine would like to reiterate that rules are made to be respected and all irrespective of backgrounds should be judged by the same standards. 

No matter what nationality or profession is - foreigners must respect the laws of Ukraine and enter the occupied Ukrainian territories only through Ukrainian territory and after completion of the required procedures.

Ukrainian authorities will adequately respond to any facts of violations of the established procedure and bring those responsible to account, in particular by imposing bans to enter the territory of Ukraine.