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European Champions League Final in Kyiv: Some travel tips from the Embassy of Ukraine in the UK

10 May, 17:08

It’s no secret that fans' security at major sporting events is of paramount importance in any country. All foreigners attending sporting events abroad are advised to follow a set of standard security rules and requirements. Host countries typically enact special security procedures, sometimes entailing tighter measures in order to ensure safety for all.

In contrast to some security recommendations, we have some tourist tips of our own to offer those travelling to Kyiv as our capital city is gearing up for the European Champions League Final. We are sure the variety of Kyiv’s attractions will capture your attention.

We are proud that Ukrainians have already shown their famous hospitality by inviting football fans attending the UEFA Champions League to stay in their homes for free.

Explore the great outdoors of Kyiv which is not only one of the oldest cities in Europe with an incredible history but a highly recommended place for your next city break: