Embassy of Ukraine to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

, Kyiv 02:42

Please read a basic ideas of a Law of Ukraine “On Peculiarities of State Policy on Ensuring State Sovereignty of Ukraine in the Temporarily Occupied Territories in Donetsk and Luhansk Regions”

27 February, 13:53

Adoption of a new law which you are so much afraid of was prompted by the absence of the Kremlin’s will to implement even the basic provisions of the Minsk Agreements. The law defines a clear strategy on Donbas: peaceful resolution – reintegration – rehabilitation.

The new legislation is fully in line with all international obligations of Ukraine including the Minsk Agreements. It creates all necessary conditions for the peaceful reintegration of the occupied territory and is aimed at bringing the practice of interaction with the occupied areas of Donbas in line with the situation on the ground and at improving the management of social and economic issues in order to properly address respective needs of people in the conflict zone.

The new legislation will improve the mechanism of coordination between military, law-enforcement and special forces, as well as civil administrations, which appears to be necessary against the backdrop of regular armed provocations by the Russian forces. 

Russia-backed terrorists violate all possible norms of international humanitarian law by shelling civilian areas in Donbas and using weapons systems banned under the terms of the Minsk Agreements.

At the same time, the Law contains a clear reference to the inherent right of self-defense according to the Article 51 of the UN Charter. The previous offensive operations by the Russian forces (Ilovaysk-2014, Debaltseve-2015, Avdiyivka-2017) make this reference absolutely pertinent.

Besides, we are glad that the Law defines Russia as aggressor state which gives necessary long-awaited preconditions to take legal against Kremlin. Just the matter of time…

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